Add Wireless Charging To Any Of Your Devices With This Sticker

Add Wireless Charging To Any Of Your Devices With This Sticker

Technology changes, it’ something that brings us new hardware and updates our old ones with a whole host of abilities. A Kickstarter campaign looks to bring a new wave of technology to your old favourites by adding wireless charging to any device you want, all thanks to a sticker.

The stickers titled Energysquare were the result of two French entrepreneurs fresh out of engineering school. The new Kickstarter campaign is hoping to give everything you own the ability to join modern technology and change through wireless charging, all thanks to two core components. The first component is a charging pad, featuring sixteen different conductive squares, each pair capable of charging a different device all at the same time.

The second part of Energysquare is the adhesive stickers, small white strips that stick to the back of your device, with a single end sticking in the devices micro USB or lightning connector.

The company is already looking at how companies could use this technology, with their “business pack” getting customised stickers printed with the company logo. Don’t worry about wasting power as the device’s smart sleep mode prevents power being wasted if you’ve got nothing on the pad, likewise when your device is fully charged, it stops pushing power through to the sticker, saving you all that wasted energy.

You can find the Kickstarter here, but at 59 euros would you be willing to spend that money on charging your devices without a cable?

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