Hardata Hdx TV Movie

Hardata Hdx TV Video Movie is a complete management system that bases its audiovisual materials Hdx Server technology and provides a secure and flexible platform from which you can easily manage access and content destination.


Create and save broadcasting lists each day quickly and easily. Visualize the materials off line at any time. It supports high resolution formats in SD and HD, DV, Mpeg2, DivX and H.264 compressions.

Instant video clips broadcast

The essential issue for PNT shot assistant. Guarantees instant issuing with a single click and can be used with a touch screen or other external devices. Ideal for inserting clips and breaking news and incidental advertising.

LIVE broadcast programming

It supports sending a signal "live" through its inclusion in the playlist emission, allowing the insertion to replace publicity and animated logos overprinting, sockets, graphics and text.

Character generator built

A true system of professional broadcast video, incorporating the benefits of an advanced inserter logos, flash animations and a complete generator of static or animated characters with colorful spaces, all included.

Low-resolution copy

Hardata Hdx TV Video automatically generates a low-resolution copy of each material ingested video system. Arme schedules, preview and assign marks using the low-resolution version, with minimal consumption of bandwidth on your network.

Control of video servers and peripherals

Check the playout video servers professionals: Omneon, Harris Nexio, GVG / Thomson, 360 Systems, etc. Use a server IT as a general repository, playout server by copying only the video necessary for the issue. Check VTRs directly from Video Hdx either to ingest or insert a tape in programming.

Automatic capture from VTRs

Manage the automatic material intake time and time code. Provide satellite signals recording or massive commercial capture from tape.

Low cost of installation and operation

It runs on a standard PC with a second video card.
With Hdx Video Movie, a camera and a non-linear video editor has already solved your TV channel.

By buying private you receive the download link for the program along with the key to the decompress

You receive a manual for proper installation

It can only be installed on Windows 7 32-bit or Windows XP 32-bit

Also you receive a manual in pdf format with 90 pages to learn how to use the program.

If you ever have any problems we will give support via remote by teamviewer




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