AMD Announces Polaris and APU Event

AMD Announces Polaris and APU Event

Earlier in the month, Nvidia took the first show in the latest round of the GPU wars. Launching the GTX 1080, the green team started off the new generation with their Pascal architecture and 16nm FinFET process. In just over one week, AMD will be striking back with their own answer. After months of rumours of speculation, AMD has confirmed their Polaris event for June 1st, the last day of Computex.

Of course, the headline will be Polaris updates for their latest GCN 4.0 architecture and 14nm FinFET process. The main attraction will likely be Polaris 10, the GPU to hold the line till Vega arrives later this year. The headline speakers will be Raja Koduri and Lisa Su so a major GPU launch is likely to occur. The rumours had pointed to a Computex launch for AMD’s latest cards so this fits perfectly, ending the event with a major bang on the last day.

In addition to the GPU reveals, AMD is expected to the talk some more and maybe launch Bristol Ridge, their 7th generation APUs. These chips will bring the AM4 socket, DDR4 controllers, and motherboards that will support Zen later this year. The event will be live streamed so be sure to check in or follow us as we cover the event.

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