AMD Bristol Ridge Pops up on Geekbench

AMD Bristol Ridge Pops up on Geekbench

Before we get to the lovely Zen architecture that is supposed to save AMD, there is still one more iteration of the Construction cores. Last month, AMD did a pre-announcement/pre-launch for their latest Bristol Ridge APUs based off of the Excavator architecture. Set to launch during Computex, more information about the chips has popped up courtesy of a few Geekbench listings.

From the Geekbench listings, we’re finding out that Lenovo and HP are planning whole products with the new chips. Unlike Carrizo which only really brought Excavator to laptops, Bristol Ridge will also succeed Kaveri on the desktop lineup. In addition to the new CPU architecture, we will also see AM4, AMD’s new socket and platform using DDR4. This will be the same socket used by Zen so it will be interesting to see some of the motherboards being offered.

So far, all of the FX, A10, A9 and other A-series APUs have been mobile variants clocked around 2 Ghz. Even with the lower clocks, the move to Excavator from Steamroller and the addition of DDR4 is expected to bring 50% performance improvement over the previous generation. If Bristol Ridge does well, it may raise hopes even further for Zen which is expected to bring 40%+ IPC over Excavator. We’ll bring you more information as AMD updates us at Computex.

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