BMW Plans to Launch a New Electric Self-Driving Car in 2021

BMW Plans to Launch a New Electric Self-Driving Car in 2021

We all know that BMW is embracing the self-driving, electric car trend, and even though the i3 model unveiled in 2013 is enjoying some success, the company’s next vehicle will definitely be even more impressive. The sad news is that this model won’t be arriving until 2021 – a decision that seems to baffle some analysts and shareholders. Dubbed i Next, this flagship model will feature advanced technologies such as digital connectivity and autonomous driving, to say nothing of the brand new interior and lightweight design. These details were revealed by BMW CEO Harald Kruger during an annual shareholders meeting, and even though the car definitely sounds impressive, the 2021 release date has caused some concern.

BMW Plans to Launch a New Electric Self-Driving Car in 2021 1

Actually, the vice chair of a German shareholder protection association named DSW, asked Kruger if the company can actually afford to wait until 2021 to unveil the BMW i Next while still remaining competitive. Apparently, the CEO thinks that this is a good idea, and it’s definitely true that self-driving technologies will evolve by 2021, as will electric cars for that matter. By releasing a model that offers good range as well as complete safety, BMW could still enjoy success on the electric car market, and since a proper legal framework for both clients and manufacturers is still being revised, waiting a few years is probably not a completely bad idea.


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