BYKSI Unveils Stunning GTX 1080 Waterblock

BYKSI Unveils Stunning GTX 1080 Waterblock

NVIDIA’s recent GTX 1080 unveiling caused a great deal of excitement due to the graphics card’s respectable $599 price point. Of course, this isn’t the full story because the company also decided to launch ‘founders edition’ GPUs which raised questions about what these more expensive models actually entailed. Now, we know that the founders editions are simply a re-branding exercise and refer to reference models. The notion of paying more for the reference design is strange considering custom units offer better cooling, power circuitry and overclocking headroom. Throughout the presentation, NVIDIA mentioned that the GTX 1080 offers twice the performance of the Titan X. However, you have to remember that this is based on VR scenarios. The full picture will emerge once the NDA lifts.

BYKSI Unveils Stunning GTX 1080 Waterblock 1

While the reference model is supposedly capable of an unbelievably high core clock, water blocks should allow for much higher overclocks and reduced temperatures. Water cooling company, BYKSI has just unveiled their new GTX 1080 waterblock which looks absolutely stunning! If you’re unfamiliar with this brand, it’s because they typically focus on the Chinese market but that could change in the near future. Apparently, the Bykski N-GX1080-X waterblock will retail for 628 Yuans which equates to around $95.

BYKSI Unveils Stunning GTX 1080 Waterblock 2

It’s important to remember that the new GTX 1080 only supports 2-way SLI which means the waterblock’s single slot configuration is less important than usual. Saying that, most people will be purchasing it for the improved overclocking headroom and stunning aesthetics.

BYKSI Unveils Stunning GTX 1080 Waterblock 3

Are you looking forward to the GTX 1080’s release?

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