CableMod’s New ModMesh Kits Look Fantastic

CableMod’s New ModMesh Kits Look Fantastic

Braided power supply cables are a fantastic addition to a custom PC build and add a premium touch which cannot be replicated using stock cables. Traditionally, consumers had to use extensions which plug into your existing power connectors. While these have excellent flexibility and work on any power supply, it’s exceedingly difficult to route cables in a tidy manner. More specifically, you have to find enough room to hide the original cables while making a clean cable run via extensions. Thankfully, another solution is available from CableMod which replaces your original cable set and simply plugs into the power supply’s connectors. As long as your power supply is supported, it’s relatively easy to acquire a full kit and give your PC a new lease of life.

CableMod’s New ModMesh Kits Look Fantastic 1

This has made the current offerings from CableMod a very popular choice and they’ve expanded on this with a new sleeving. The ModMesh cable kits are PET-based which feature a slightly more rigid sleeving than the ModFlex series. This in conjunction with added luminosity makes it a good choice for system builders requiring a brighter aesthetic. This added durability should protect the braid over time and is perfectly suited to modders who build a wide range of systems. A large number of the ModMesh colours are UV reactive, which compliments UV lighting rather well. In terms of colours, you can choose from black, white, red, carbon, blue, light blue, light green, black/blood red, black/white, black/orange, white/red, white/blue. At launch, the new kits support the Corsair AXi, HXi, RM, RMi, RMx and EVGA, G2, P2 power supplies.

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