Daydream is Google’s Serious Foray into VR

Daydream is Google’s Serious Foray into VR

While Google was one of the first companies to enter the new home virtual reality market with its entry-level Google Cardboard headset – which utilised existing smartphone technology as part of a cardboard eyepiece – the tech giant looked like it was being left behind by the HTC Vive, Samsung VR Gear, and young upstart (and so, of course, bought by Facebook) Oculus.

Now, though, during its annual Google I/O showcase event, the company has revealed its first full entry in the virtual reality field, the Daydream VR headset.

“Daydream is our new platform for high quality mobile virtual reality, coming this fall,” reads the Google Developers Blog. “Over time, Daydream will encompass VR devices in many shapes and sizes, and Daydream will enable high quality VR on Android smartphones.”

“We are working with a number of smartphone manufacturers to create a specification for Daydream-ready phones,” it adds. “These smartphones enable VR experiences with high-performance sensors for smooth, accurate head tracking, fast response displays to minimize blur, and powerful mobile processors. Daydream-ready phones take advantage of VR mode in Android N, a set of powerful optimizations for virtual reality built right into Android.”

“With Daydream, we’ve also created a reference design for a comfortable headset and an intuitive controller. And, yes we’re building one too. The headset and controller work in tandem to provide rich, immersive experiences. Take a look at how the controller lets you interact in VR:”

“Your favorite apps and games will be coming to Daydream too, including Google’s—like YouTube, Street View, Play Movies, Google Photos and the Play Store,” another Google blog post reveals.

While this smartphone-based VR system is hardly equipped to compete with the high-end hardware of the Vive or the Oculus Rift, the Google Daydream has the potential to become the market leader in entry-level VR.

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