Dell Unveils 43-Inch 4K Monitor – Supports Four Clients at Once

Dell Unveils 43-Inch 4K Monitor – Supports Four Clients at Once

Check out this beast. Dell has revealed its latest monitor, a 43-inch, 4K display designed to support four clients at once. The Dell 43 Multi-Client Monitor (P4317Q) – designed primarily for finance services customers – splits the four inputs across the 3840×2160, 60Hz screen.

“As the top monitor brand in the world for three years and in North America for 16 years running, we want to show our commitment to our customers by teaming directly with those who would benefit most from this monitor, specifically financial traders and software developers,” Bert Park, Vice President and General Manager of Dell Global Software and Peripherals, said. “The Dell 43 Multi-Client Monitor is a truly unique display that meets the diverse and dynamic needs of financial traders and software developers while also demonstrating ever-growing boundaries of innovation Dell is pushing.”

While the display is aimed at primarily at business users, just imagine the Dell P4317Q as part of a gaming set-up. Granted, it’s made rather exclusive by its $1,349.99 price, but a multi-screen solution that removes the requirement for two or more monitors on a desk – and all the cable hassle that potentially brings – while also boasting 30% less power consumption to the multi-monitor alternative, sounds very appealing. Hopefully, the Dell P4317Q will signal a move by other monitor makers into single-monitor multi-screen set-ups.

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