Disney to Release The Force Awakens Vinyls with 3D Holograms

Disney to Release The Force Awakens Vinyls with 3D Holograms

Just like lightsabers, TIE fighters, and droids, holograms represent a very important part of the Star Wars universe, as pretty much everyone uses them for long-range communication in the films. Just in case you’re looking to expand your collection of Star Wars memorabilia, you’ll be glad to know that Disney will soon release a new version of the soundtrack for The Force Awakens, a version that will be based on a two-LP vinyl set etched with (you guessed it) holograms. The holograms depict a TIE fighter and the famous Millennium Falcon, and they can only be viewed from certain angles. Actually, Disney encourages future owners of these vinyl pieces to shine their phones’ flashlights on the disks in order to reveal the animated artwork.

Etched records are not exactly a novelty, but they’re still quite impressive to look at nonetheless. In order to get your hands on this new Star Wars soundtrack, you’ll have to wait until June 17, as that’s when it will become available on Amazon and on Disney’s Music Emporium. The $50 price tag is definitely not too much for such an original piece of Star Wars memorabilia, wouldn’t you agree? Just have a look at the video below for a glimpse at those awesome holograms.

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