Do You Want A Computer In Your Eye? Google Does

Do You Want A Computer In Your Eye? Google Does

When it comes to technology, everyday something that was considered science fiction becomes reality. From a ship-mounted railgun straight out a film to the self-driving cars, every day we as a race are developing what was once a dream into something very real. The next step comes from Google who looks to outdo a generation of “personal computers” by making an in-eye computer, an actual device that you would have inside your eye.

The patent filed by Google was originally filed in October 2014 (Patent No. 20160113760). The patent details an “intra-ocular device”, a piece of machine that would use an electronic lens to replace the lens typically found within the human eye. The in-eye computer would be powered by an “energy harvesting antenna”, a device that receives power from electromagnetic frequencies.

The patented device can be focused in two ways, with either the user using their eye muscles to operate it similar to a traditional eye or for those who are unable to control their focus, the “accommodation sensor” will enable those users to focus by detecting the attempt to focus and adjusting accordingly.

While the device may sound like a dream, containing everything from a GPS, 4G connection, and Near-Field communication, many would start to worry about the impact the device will have. Imagine not knowing if the person sitting next to you is recording everything they see, or how would you know that should it be used for augmented reality that someone isn’t cheating to gather the best results from the internet while you try to remember your revision notes from the day before?


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