Facebook Anti-Hacking Tools Now Open Source

Facebook Anti-Hacking Tools Now Open Source

When it comes to security, companies are looking at the best and most ingenious ways to test their systems. A common way for them to detect and train their people in security matters such as hacking is to hold what’s called a Capture the Flag competition. Hack the other teams system while protecting your own, all the while giving those participating a new experience and information. To help others develop this, Facebook is turning its anti-hacking tools open-source.

The tool is already out on GitHub, a public forum for sharing your code, featuring everything from start up instructions to guidance on starting to develop the software with your own unique interests. You can find the tool here, with a registration page for users and the ability to lock down your hacking competition with tokens to stop unwanted hackers from entering your competition.

Set to run on Ubuntu 14.04, the tool features much like a game with teams gaining points while capturing parts of the world. With so many companies suffering security breaches, this move can only help Facebook develop a generation of developers and security consultants who are aware of and can help support companies. Do well in the role and you may even get a job offer from one of the many companies that are now aware of the risks of a security breach and the impact it will have on their systems.


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