GeIL’s New Memory Kit Sports Innovative LED Technology

GeIL’s New Memory Kit Sports Innovative LED Technology

GeIL is a highly-respected manufacturer of various products including peripherals and computer memory. Throughout the years, they’ve unleashed a number of intriguing designs and continues to shake up the market with new creations. Their latest memory kit entitled the EVO-X supports a huge range of frequencies from 2666MHz all the way up to a staggering 4133MHz. Furthermore, the DIMMs come with a lifetime warranty and utilise an operating voltage of 1.2-1.4v. In terms of capacities, you can choose between 8/16/32/64GB and there’s quad channel options available for X99 users.

Most interestingly, the memory supports a brand new in-house illumination technology entitled HILM. This stands for Hybrid Independent Light Module which fuses LEDs with the microprocessor, circuits, switch and dual-power-source in one modular solution, separating the entire lighting solution and circuitry from the memory module.

GeIL’s New Memory Kit Sports Innovative LED Technology 1

Illumination Modes Sliding Hot Switch

The EVO X memory module with HILM, when looking from the back side, the power jack on the right is designed for the 9V/12V fan power from motherboards. Once connected, four different RGB LED breathing illuminating modes can be selected via the Sliding Hot Switch (Figure C). The four breathing illumination modes are red, green, blue and RGB cycle.

GeIL’s New Memory Kit Sports Innovative LED Technology 2

This is a really interesting concept and it appears RGB lighting is the hot topic right now. Almost every component appears to be incorporating some form of lighting and I doubt this trend will suddenly stop. It allows consumers to customise their PC and add a more flamboyant colour scheme.

Are you a fan of RGB lighting or feel it’s being overdone?

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