Gigabyte Previews X99 Motherboards Ahead of Computex

Gigabyte Previews X99 Motherboards Ahead of Computex

With Broadwell-E almost upon us, motherboard vendors have been busy getting ready. While Broadwell-E will be compatible with current X99 LG A 2011-3 motherboards, the new CPUs give a reason for current users to do a full upgrade. The new boards will also feature updated IO and should be improved. Gigabyte has started teasing some of their new X99 motherboards ahead of their Computex launch.

Gigabyte Previews X99 Motherboards Ahead of Computex 1

So far, we have the X99 Designare EX, X99 Ultra Gaming, and X99 SLI Phoenix. We have more information about the first two which has come out. Both motherboards feature RGB Ambient Surround LED, with LEDs spaced everywhere around the board. These are user configurable and can be tuned to suit preferences. it seems like everyone is getting onto the LED bandwagon these days.

Gigabyte Previews X99 Motherboards Ahead of Computex 2

For the Designare EX, we have an 8+1 PWM on an E-ATX board with a white/blue theme. The Ultra Gaming sports the conventional red for gaming but on white instead of black. Both motherboards feature U.2, M.2, and SATA Express but the Designare EX is the obvious leader with more of these ports. Both also have a wide array of USB options and dual LAN ports. Overall, it looks like Gigabyte has a strong offering ready for Broadwell-E.

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