Google Wants You to Name Android N

Google Wants You to Name Android N

Since the first named Android version over half a decade ago, Google has stuck to naming their mobile OS for sweets. Going down the alphabet, we’ve gone from Cupcakes to Gingerbread and more recently, Lollipop and Marshmellow. Now at Android N, Google is turning to the internet to help come up with naming their latest version of their popular mobile OS.

Through this website, anyone can suggest names for Google to use with Android N. Of course, they would need to start with a N but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a single word. Given the past naming history, I expect a sweet or candy or snack of some kind will be chosen. Unlike the Boaty McBoatface debacle, Google isn’t creating a poll and will simply search among the many suggestions to choose their name.

The new OS will likely debut later this year on the new Nexus devices, potentially made by HTC this year. Google is already onto the third release of five developer previews so the OS is coming along quite nicely. Major improvements include split-screen multi-window mode, enhanced Doze battery saver, Data Saver, and the new Vulkan graphics API. I have no doubt Google will choose a tasteful name, perhaps Nugget?

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