Here’s Why Star Wars: Battlefront Doesn’t Have a Story Mode

Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront is definitely not a bad game. It has very good graphics and is able to offer countless hours of multiplayer shooting/lightsaber hacking fun, but it definitely falls behind quite a bit when it comes to single player options. Sure, the game has a solo play arcade mode, but given the fact that we’re talking about the Star Wars Universe, many fans expected to be able to immerse themselves in the stories behind the battles.Apparently, the decision to not include a single-player campaign was a conscious one, and it wasn’t related to any funding issues or other problems. The campaign was left out because the game came out roughly a month before Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

This was revealed during EA’s recent earnings call by executive VP Patrick Söderlund, who stated the following:

“It was a conscious decision we made due to time and being able to launch the game side-by-side with the movie that came out to get the strongest possible impact. We got criticized for the depth and breadth of [Battlefront], So as we look at why that was, we have to go back and course-correct that for another version.”

Not too long ago, actor John Boyega asked EA on Twitter about an offline story mode, to which the company replied by asking him if he’s tried out the game’s Missions. Even though there’s no word about a single-player mode for Star Wars: Battlefront, we do know that the game is scheduled to receive some more DLC, which will add fresh new content.

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