How Do You Automate a Parking Garage?

How Do You Automate a Parking Garage?

We often use robotics and technology to automate and speed up how we do things, giving us an easier lifestyle. In LA, they’ve taken it one step further and gone through automating an entire three-story parking garage.

When it’s officially revealed on the 24th May, the new parking structure will offer drivers the chance to park their cars with little to none of the effort you would use to drive. Designed to help reduce traffic and stop the endless spiral of cars during rush hour, the new car park is designed to house 200 cars, all within a fraction of the space that a parking structure would take.

In order to park your car, you simply drive into one of four entry bays on the ground level and grab a ticket. The end result is that the car park does all the hard work of finding you an open parking space, meaning you no longer have to drive around burning fuel and CO2 to find your space. With the extra space used to create the West Hollywood Community Plaza, a park containing benches, a water feature, and a stage, you can’t help but wonder when this technology will be rolled out to replace the grey concrete structures that scar the landscape.

Be warned, as losing your ticket could mean that you literally lose your car.

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