Hyundai Bringing the Iron Man Suit to Life

Hyundai Bringing the Iron Man Suit to Life

Korean automotive manufacturer Hyundai has revealed plans to create its own mechanical exoskeletons to help workers to lift heavy objects. Part Iron Man suit, part Power Loader from Aliens, Hyundai’s “wearable robot” will provide normal people with superhuman strength, and the company can see its application in both factory and military settings.

Hyundai Bringing the Iron Man Suit to Life 1

“Hyundai Motor Group is developing a wearable robot suit for commercialisation with the aim of it being used for multiple purposes,” Hyundai wrote in the blog announcement (translation courtesy of International Business Times).

Hyundai Bringing the Iron Man Suit to Life 2

“First, the suit will significantly increase the productivity of workers and lower the likelihood of accidents. It would be particularly useful in the workplace where people need to lift heavy objects weighing hundreds of kilograms, as the wearable robot can prevent hip and knee injuries.”

Hyundai Bringing the Iron Man Suit to Life 3

“It can also be used for defence, enabling soldiers to travel long distances without being worn out by the 50kg of equipment they have to carry.”

Hyundai is not the first company to experiment with strength-enhancing exoskeletons, with Panasonic unveiling the Assist Suit – designed to help in both construction and disaster relief – earlier this year, and DARPA’s military equivalent, which was tested at the Maryland Aberdeen Proving Ground last year.


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