Intel May Launch 200 Series Chipset at Computex

Intel May Launch 200 Series Chipset at Computex

With all of the attention on Broadwell-E and X99 motherboards, the mainstream segment has become an afterthought. However, Skylake is still very much alive and Intel is set to refresh their mainstream lineup later this year with Kaby Lake. Unlike the usual die-shrink, Kaby Lake maintains the basic architecture and process but will be more optimised. Kaby Lake will also see a chipset refresh with the new 200 series. According to the latest rumour, Intel will be launching the 200-series chipset at Computex.

If the 200 series chipsets do arrive at Computex, they will actually be revealed before Kaby Lake, the CPUs to come along with it arrive. Kaby lake is set for a release in the latter half of 2016. If you take a deeper look, it isn’t that surprising. Unlike most releases, the 200 series should maintain the same LGA 1151 socket and be compatible with Skylake. This means users can do an upgrade of an existing Skylake system for the motherboard first and then jump on Kaby Lake later. Users can also just upgrade their motherboard if they want that.

Given the many advances in storage tech with U.2 being the most prominent, I’m sure the new 200 series chipset and motherboards will be compelling offerings. Combined with the Broadwell-E reveal and new X99 boards, Intel looks to have a busy schedule at Computex.

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