Juicero Is An Expensive Internet Connected Juicer

Juicero Is An Expensive Internet Connected Juicer

When it comes to the internet, it lets you do a lot of things. From watching the latest movies online in 4K quality to ordering your shopping without even stepping out your door. With the next generation of devices being part of the “internet of things” you can do everything from ordering your car to park itself to play withing with your pets with a live webcam feed to their toy, but have you ever wondered if you could just make your favorite juice via remote? Well for $700 the Juicero will get close to that dream.

The Juicero has been out for a while now, and with a price tag of $700, the juicer is not one of the cheapest you can find online these days. The benefits of getting the Juicero is it has joined the world of the internet with an active Wi-Fi connection. After ordering one of the $5-7 bags of ingredients to place in the Juicero, you can scan the QR code featured on your pack to find out its details, and when we say details we mean everything from its nutritional information to the exact locations where its ingredients came from. The price you pay for scanning your code is if the pack is even one day past its expiration date the juicer will refuse to make you your much-awaited juice.

There is a key problem with an internet connected device, if you have no internet, you have no use for your device, something all too true with the Juicero requiring an internet connection if you want to use it. Would you pay $700 for a juicer you never get to create your own custom flavours with? How about paying $5-7 per drink?

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