Katy Perry’s Twitter Advertises Hackers Profile

Katy Perry’s Twitter Advertises Hackers Profile

When it comes to hackers, there are often several types. You will find those who use ransomware to extort you for money in exchange for your memories, there are those who will use keyloggers to track your passwords and use them to gain access to your emails, often posting anything they want online. Then you have the self-advertising hackers, those who will often hack so that they can show off their skills and techniques. One such hacker just targeted Katy Perry’s twitter account and after several tweets decided to advertise their own twitter account.

With around 9 million followers on Twitter, the most that any profile has on Twitter, Taylor swift started by tweeting out about other people’s profiles. With everything from missing Taylor Swift to insulting Keem Star amongst the long list of tweets coming out from the account.

It appears Katy Perry’s Twitter -- with her more than 89 million followers -- has been hacked…

The barrage of tweets followed one that read “haha follow @sw4ylol #hackersgonnahack”, a tweet that has since been deleted. The hacker doesn’t want to stop with just Katy Perry’s twitter account, with it tweeting a link to a song which was taken down after copyright claims by Universal Music Group.

With people often using the same password for multiple accounts, a breach on any social media site can often cascade into a bigger problem especially for those with a high public profile like pop stars and even government accounts.

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