Let’s Take A Look Inside The Hyperloop

Let’s Take A Look Inside The Hyperloop

When it comes to travel, technology is looking to speed up and bring whole new modes of transport to your daily lives. From delivering your Amazon orders via drones to self-driving cars, we are going to see how we get from A to B to change at an astonishing pace. One of the companies looking to help you get around easily is Hyperloop, to send you shooting across the country in the blink of an eye.

With testing of its new propulsion system already under way and plans to bring the system to Europe, what more could you want to know about getting from one end of a country to another at amazing speeds? Well given that the entire experience will be concealed within a tube, how about what you might see when you get into the pods?

Working along REFLEKT, a company focusing on augmented and virtual reality, Hyperloop is looking to bring you smart windows, screens that can do everything from display the time and weather to a simulated countryside to give you that open feeling.

While the video shows a nice and spacious pod, initial images seem to show a little less arm room between you and your neighbour. Luckily at the speeds you’ll be travelling, I doubt you’ll be sitting next to your neighbour for long.

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