Machine Breakdowns Can Now Be Predicted by Advanced Software

Machine Breakdowns Can Now Be Predicted by Advanced Software

Even the most reliable machines break down from time to time, but when it comes to the military or space agencies, these breakdowns can potentially spell disaster. Predicting failures can be done through routine maintenance checks, but since accuracy is the most important factor here, advanced software tools can definitely do a better job. A NASA spinoff named Sentient Science is offering a special software named DigitalClone, which predicts failures by ‘cloning’ machine parts. By analyzing the physics of every individual part such as wear and friction, the software can determine when a gear is likely to fail.

According to Sentient Science’s sensors, the system is incredibly accurate, which means that it can be used to expand the lifespan of devices by suggesting component replacements before a failure occurs. The most important user of DigitalClone right now is the US military, as the software is being implemented in helicopters such as the F-35 and Super Stallion. Still, it’s worth mentioning that the tool can also be used to monitor other important devices such as medical implants, wind turbines or even the Hubble Space Telescope. Even though DigitalClone won’t be able to tell you when your smartwatch or smartphone is about to break down, its industrial uses are definitely impressive.


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