Microsoft Is Pushing a New Windows 10 Preview for Insiders

Microsoft Is Pushing a New Windows 10 Preview for Insiders

A brand new Redstone preview build of Windows 10 has started rolling out for users who are a part of the Windows 10 PC Insider program. Windows 10 14352 comes with quite a few improvements, as it includes changes to Windows Ink, icons, Cortana and more. As far as Cortana is concerned, users are now able to issue new commands related to music playback, including “Hey Cortana, play <song name>” or “Hey Cortana, play <artist>.” Cortana can also set timers for you, which could come in handy while cooking or if you just want a simple reminder to take a break or to have a snack.

Microsoft Is Pushing a New Windows 10 Preview for Insiders 1

The new build also features updates for Sticky Notes, which allow you to create Cortana reminders that will move over to all of your Cortana-enabled devices. The Windows Ink ruler has received its own compass with an indicator that becomes bold if the ruler is pointed to any cardinal point. Other noteworthy highlights include an updated File Explorer icon, as well as Limited Period scanning, which can act as an additional line of defense when you’re scanning your device for malware. All in all, it looks like Microsoft is actively trying to make Windows 10 its best Windows ever, and we’re definitely going to see even more updates in the future, especially since the OS is now regarded as a service rather than a product with different releases.

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