Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Release Trailer Looks Phenomenal

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Release Trailer Looks Phenomenal

After a number of long delays, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is finally gearing up for its imminent release on June 7th, adding another potentially top-grade game to one of the best years for gamers in recent memory. To mark this upcoming release, EA have published a release trailer for the game, featuring just enough plot to leave us hanging on for the real thing, but more importantly, showing that the franchise looks to be on form in what it does best: running, jumping and swinging, all from an immersive first-person perspective.

As the trailer shows, we will be once again putting ourselves in the red running shoes of Faith Connors, who has recently been released from custody and is ready to blaze across a stunningly beautiful city for some noble cause. Exactly how much of the gameplay-esque snippets are actual footage from the game and not pre-rendered is unclear, but if it is real, then Catalyst is going to be a beautiful game, although it may be a bit hard to enjoy the cityscapes as you bound across them at breakneck speeds.

If the positive responses to the beta are anything to go by, EA might just have a winner on their hands and I’m sure that many fans of the original Mirror’s Edge have been itching to once again enjoy the fluid gameplay that was its claim to fame. With the city now free for the player to roam, the parkour should be better than ever, leaving even more options for players to trace their own routes across the rooftops. Let’s just hope they stepped up the writing since the last game.

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