MSI is The Only Brand VR Certified by HTC and Intel

MSI is The Only Brand VR Certified by HTC and Intel

MSI is a pioneering hardware manufacturer with a huge library of critically-acclaimed products including laptops, motherboards, graphics cards and much more. Not only that, they are the only company to receive VR certification by both HTC and Intel which showcases their commitment to creating an astounding VR gaming experience. This is remarkable when you consider the demanding specification VR requires and really displays how powerful MSI’s laptop range is. Being able to offer the world’s first VR ready notebook is a huge achievement especially when you consider the portable form factor. Of course, this is just the start and I can’t wait to see what MSI has in store as they continue to push VR technology forward and support it’s adoption across various products.

On another note, MSI created the 1st dedicated VR lab back in early 2015 which set the foundations to ensure devices in 2016 and beyond are tailored towards VR usage scenarios. This is a very shrewd decision and MSI noticed how VR would be the next big trend. Even though VR is still fairly niche at the moment, it’s full of potential and developers are currently working on a slew of innovative titles. Another great initiative by MSI is the development and co-operation platform which welcomes developers to work alongside the company and have an input in the decision-making process when designing new hardware. This is a superb idea and once again, unlike anything we’ve seen from other manufacturers. MSI is embracing VR and wants to ensure their product range is capable of running VR games in a smooth, enjoyable manner. This is perfectly illustrated by the accolade of producing the first laptop to receive Intel VR certification and be VR ready for the HTC Vive.

Are you looking forward to VR games or do you feel the technology is still too expensive?


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