Netflix’s Hack Day Creates A VR Video Store

Netflix’s Hack Day Creates A VR Video Store

Netflix has always been at the heart of video technology, from mailing DVD’s straight to your store to streaming those movies straight to your home, Netflix isn’t going to stop being at the front of your movie experiences. As part of their Netflix Hack Day event, the engineers at Netflix have come up with an old school option for a modern world, a VR video store.

As part of their Hack Day, Netflix employees created new ideas and features for the service with the Netflix Zone bringing back the classic Blockbuster experience to your home. For those of you who don’t recall, Blockbusters was a store which you physically walked into and rented a movie, first a videotape and then DVD’s. Netflix Zone is a block recreation of those rental stores, with the latest series and movies being displayed as video tapes in 3D space.

Pick up a tape and enjoy the usual Netflix advert, with you starting your next adventure by throwing the video at the black screen. With this being an interesting concept it was just one of the many ideas that Netflix’s Hack Day created. From turning your phone into a wireless headphone adapter with “QuietCast” while your video streams to a Chromecast or how about a “Family Catch-Up” to help show when your family is skipping ahead on your favourite series.

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