Nintendo Plans to Release Feature-Length Films in the Near Future

Nintendo Plans to Release Feature-Length Films in the Near Future

Some if you might not remember this, but Nintendo used to dabble in filmmaking back in the 90s. To be more specific, the company released a movie named Super Mario Bros. in 1993, and even though the project was pretty much a flop, this doesn’t mean that there’s no potential in Nintendo’s characters. It looks like the company’s leadership is willing to give it another go, as Nintendo spokesman Maokoto Wakae has recently confirmed its return to the movie business. There are not too many details available right now regarding this upcoming film, but what’s clear is that Nintendo is looking to diversify its money-making opportunities, which is rarely a bad idea.

For now, the company plans to sell its stake in Seattle Mariners baseball team, after which it could invest it projects such as 3D animations. Apparently, the game maker is talking to various film giants about collaboration opportunities, but we’ll just have to wait and see what will come out of Nintendo’s plans. It would certainly be nice to see a proper adaptation of Super Mario Bros., but it’s likely that the Mario franchise will be skipped for now just to be safe.

What Nintendo characters would you like to see featured in upcoming films?


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