Nintendo’s NX Rumored to be Powered by Tegra Chip

Nintendo’s NX Rumored to be Powered by Tegra Chip

The Nintendo NX has been the subject of numerous insider reports claiming to have vital information on the console’s form factor, technical capabilities and much more! Clearly, Nintendo isn’t going to comment on unsubstantiated rumours and we’re all still waiting for some official news which could arrive relatively soon. The latest report comes from SemiAccurate and claims Nintendo will be using a Tegra chip to power the new console:

“It’s new console time again and SemiAccurate brings you news of Nintendo’s NX silicon. If you recall our past guesses were pretty spot on and this time should be the same. You might also recall we made some pretty surprising calls on the console silicon front too, and this one will probably make most of you pick your jaw off the floor.”

Unfortunately, the full piece is only open to subscribers and we were only able to acquire this snippet. Thankfully, websiteNintendoEverything disclosed additional information which makes for some very interesting reading. Allegedly, the Nintendo NX’s handheld will opt for a Tegra chip from NVIDIA which is a significant departure from key console makers considering they’ve used AMD products for a considerable amount of time. Additionally, rumours indicate NVIDIA are desperate to re-capture the console market and prepared to take a loss with the Nintendo NX. Please remember this is only valid, if true, for the handheld portion and not the main console. Previous rumours suggest the Nintendo NX will be a hybrid console/handheld device. As always, it’s important to take these reports with a pinch of salt and wait for the official unveiling. Saying that, this latest development is fascinating and I cannot wait to see what the NX will bring to the table once it finally arrives.

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