Oculus Tells Devs: “Now is the Time to be Thinking About VR”

Oculus Tells Devs: “Now is the Time to be Thinking About VR”

Virtual Reality is often perceived as the future of entertainment and has the potential to offer unique experiences we never thought possible. Currently, there is a huge range of VR devices including Google Cardboard, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Sadly, these units incur a rather hefty early adopters fee which means mainstream VR is still some way from being a reality. Nevertheless, it gives us a glimpse into the future and prices should come down as production costs decrease. Saying that, sales of VR equipment so far has exceeded people’s expectations and many devices sold out rather quickly. According to UploadVR, One million people used Gear VR last month which illustrates how popular VR is with the population. During the 2016 Digital Dragons events in Krakow, Poland, Oculus Engineer Andy Borrell hosted a talk, entitled, From Start to Ship”.

Throughout this presentation, Borrell discussed the popularity of VR and proclaimed:

“We expect to see a lot more people in this coming year,”

He also encouraged developers to start thinking about VR experiences and suggested that now is the perfect time to create exciting VR games. This makes sense because many titles take years to create and it’s important to consider how many people will own VR equipment in the future. I’m extremely excited by VR but it’s suffering from a lack of good software at the moment. Any piece of hardware requires a killer app to make people move to a completely new platform and I don’t think it’s long before this will occur.


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