Professor Claims Computers Might Need ‘Human Rights’

Professor Claims Computers Might Need ‘Human Rights’

In the modern age, technological advancements are occurring at a blistering pace and household items are now capable of incredible processing power. The introduction of automated production lines means computers could revolutionise the job market and even act as service units to humans in a way perceived by science-fiction many years ago. As artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, there’s a growing debate regarding their rights and the ability of computers to develop independent thought.

According to the Telegraph, Oxford professor Marcus du Sautoy discussed this notion during the Hay Literary Festival in the UK and proclaimed:

“One of the things I address in my new book is how can you tell whether my smartphone will ever be conscious.”

“The fascinating thing is that consciousness for a decade has been something that nobody has gone anywhere near because we didn’t know how to measure it.”

“But we’re in a golden age. It’s a bit like Galieo with a telescope. We now have a telescope into the brain and it’s given us an opportunity to see things that we’ve never been able to see before.”

“And if we understand these things are having a level of consciousness are we might well have to introduce rights. It’s an exciting time.”

Marcus du Sautoy’s book entitled, What We Cannot Know analyses this moral quandary and how we perceive computers in the near future. Do you think this is a valid hypothesis? Some might argue, machines cannot display independent consciousness. Whatever the case, the future of computing is going to be the most exciting period on record and could change the very nature of society.

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