Reddit Users Can Now Upload Their Images Directly

Reddit Users Can Now Upload Their Images Directly

For a long while, Reddit has become a forum for people to share their thoughts on everything. The problem users have often faced is that their stories and messages come with accompanying images, forcing them to upload the images elsewhere and then sharing a link to their image. This could all change thanks to the beta of Reddit’s latest feature, the ability to upload your images directly to your post.

The image uploading facility is currently getting rolled out to a total of 50 communities, including Food, Funny, Gifts, and Art. Given the number of users who link to images in their posts, a site-wide rollout is expected in the near future.

The technical limitations are that images uploaded can only be up to 20MB, with any GIFs uploaded getting the increased file size limit of 100MB. As with most sites, there are the standard terms and conditions banning the upload of confidential information, impersonating someone else or illegal or involuntary adult images.

With users still able to use Imgur and other image sharing features, this simply puts more focus on Reddit to ensure that the images that are being uploaded are appropriate and not against their terms of conditions.

Do you use Reddit? Have you ever had to link to an image uploaded on a different site just to let others see it? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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