Samsung Refuse to Update SSD Firmware if You Don’t Accept Their Intrusive Terms

Samsung Refuse to Update SSD Firmware if You Don’t Accept Their Intrusive Terms

Samsung is one of the most popular brands when it comes to solid state media due to the affordable pricing, excellent performance and generous warranty period. Their SATA devices are commonly deployed in a huge range of systems and models like the 850 EVO remain a popular choice. Whenever you purchase any piece of hardware, it’s important to have aftersales support in the form of updates. This is essential to fix stability problems or enhance a product’s functionality. To upgrade Samsung EVO drives, you have to use the company’s Magician software which clearly outlines some rather disturbing privacy terms. For example, Samsung can collect information on you and how you use the device. Annoyingly, if you refuse to agree to these terms, it’s impossible to upgrade your drive’s firmware to the latest version:

To clarify, this story broke a little while ago, but it’s been fairly under the radar. As a result, I deemed it acceptable to discuss the matter and inform our readers about this terrible business move. The idea of blocking an update just because the end-user doesn’t want to give up their privacy is absurd. Hopefully, this situation will change and Samsung has a change of heart after hearing the widespread negative feedback.

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