Seeing the World of Warcraft Movie Will Include a Free Copy of WoW

Seeing the World of Warcraft Movie Will Include a Free Copy of WoW

Often when a blockbuster movie releases, companies strive to cash in on its success as much as possible, offering toys, books, and even video games that tie in with the movie. In order to both entice people into going to see their upcoming World of Warcraft movie and hopefully tempt more people into joining the massively multiplayer online world, Blizzard will be offering a free copy of World of Warcraft with purchases of movie tickets.

Currently, a copy of World of Warcraft including every previous expansion pack costs just $20, and while already cheap, is an amazing extra for anyone going to see a movie, which for many will cost less than the game itself and even includes a month of free game time to new players. Of course, Blizzard hopes that by introducing new players and the friends of current players to the game it will increase their ongoing revenue from the game’s subscription-based model, but it is a great gesture nonetheless. Existing WoW players will also be able to pick up movie exclusive “transmogrification” skins for their character’s weapons and armour simply by logging into the game between May 25 and August 1.

Seeing the World of Warcraft Movie Will Include a Free Copy of WoW 1

Unfortunately for worldwide fans, this offer is currently only extended to the US and select other regions, including Brazil and Australia when tickets are bought through specific channels. For fans in other regions, it is unclear as to whether Blizzard will announce similar schemes in Europe and around the world, with the possibility of them seeing the demand for the offer before extending it further.

Regardless of what you think of Blizzard and World of Warcraft, this deal could be a win-win situation for the gaming giant and those interested in getting into WoW. For those already into WoW and set to see the movie there isn’t much to gain here, but you might just be able to get a friend to join you in your adventures across Azeroth. But whether this movie will be able to break the tradition of games based on films being bad is yet to be seen.

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