Spend Too Much and Pavlok Gives You a Nasty Shock!

Spend Too Much and Pavlok Gives You a Nasty Shock!

You know when you are out shopping, knowing that you can only really grab one or two more things but suddenly your hands wander and you are grabbing everything your eyes and stomach crave. As you spend just that little bit too much your wrist shakes, a warning from your bank account. Sadly a company in the UK wants to go one step further, with you spending too much ending up with you getting shocked.

Created by Intelligent Environments, the new Pavlok wristband is designed to help stop you spending whenever you go below the limit you’ve agreed upon balance. What happens when you spend too much? Well, your payment for spending too much is a 255-volt shock, rewarding you for spending that little bit too much.

With the ability to connect to the smart meter system, Nest, the band can be used to turn down your heating should your bank balance go too low. While no banks have officially announced support for the Internet of Things (IoT) platform, Intelligent Environments lists several banks as “clients” for their system.

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Would you like a small shock if your spending too much? Does your willpower need a little jolt to help keep your spending in check?


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