Star Trek Beyond Trailer Destroys Yet Another Enterprise

Star Trek Beyond Trailer Destroys Yet Another Enterprise

To boldly go where no director has gone before… just kidding. When it comes to Star Trek, it wouldn’t be a new film if the ship remained intact for the entire film, and the new trailer for Star Trek Beyond seems to show the beloved space fairing ship get destroyed yet again.

The new movie seems to bring us back to that emotional connection that has kept the series alive for years, both as a TV series and now as a set of high action movies. This time, you won’t get to see a classic character reinvented like those seen in Star Trek Into Darkness, instead you’ll watch the trailer wondering just who wishes to destroy the Enterprise and the entire Human race yet again in a two and a half minute trailer that left me on the edge of my seat.

While you get to enjoy even more scenes of your beloved ship getting destroyed, the new cast is not afraid to get their hands dirty with several fight scenes showing everyone from Uhura kicking alien backside to Kirk motorbiking away from enemy fire. Set for release on July 22nd this year in the US, fans only have a few months left to rewatch the series and brace themselves for another adventure.

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