Star Trek Series Gets New Teaser Trailer

Star Trek Series Gets New Teaser Trailer

When it comes to science fiction series, there are a few which no matter how you feel should be considered classics. One of the bigger series is Star Trek, with several series already under their belt the next series has fans waiting and wanting more and with their new reveal trailer you’ll still be asking questions.

The new teaser trailer was shown off by CBS at the Upfronts, where every network teases and reveals next seasons must watch shows. The new trailer, shown below, does nothing except promise us “new heroes”, “new villains”, “new crews” and “new worlds”. While the wording is interesting, the series seems to include heroes and villains, a differentiation that previous seasons have tried to avoid, letting viewers decide on who they liked and loved by their characters and actions.

With no mention of the ship that the crews will use, it’s only a matter of time before we find out if we will join another Enterprise crew or if a whole new set of ships will take us to planets and galaxies we never imagined. With the shows pilot set to run on CBS on in January 2017, fans will be disappointed to find out that the series as a whole will only be available on CBS streaming.

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