TeslaCrypt’s Developers Are Giving The Keys To Their Ransomware Away

TeslaCrypt’s Developers Are Giving The Keys To Their Ransomware Away

In recent years, a new spread of malicious software has emerged, ransomware. Designed to not only cause issues like viruses in the past but also force users to decide what’s more important, their money or their computers. One of the more known pieces of ransomware was TeslaCrypt, a piece of ransomware that has now lost its bite thanks to an unlikely source, its developers.

Initial reports from security researchers from ESET is that the developers of the ransomware didn’t just help ESET develop a free fix to the ransomware, but in “wrapping up” their activities, the developers of the ransomware handed over the master key for the ransomware. Apparently all the security researcher at ESET had to do was ask for the master key.

The result of the more than generous gift from its developers is free to use anti-TeslaCrypt tool that can decrypt your files for free from all variations of the ransomware. Reminding us to keep our operating systems and software updated, alongside multiple layers of protection from anti-virus and malware protection software, ransomware is a less than kind reminder that keeping a backup of your system on something that isn’t connected to your system normally is almost vital to avoiding your family photos and work documents being locked away forever.

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