Tetris Movie Coming Soon – Has $80M Budget!?

Tetris Movie Coming Soon – Has $80M Budget!?

When it comes to video game movies, you’ve got the likes of Doom which left some fans wanting less and then you get films like the Prince of Persia and Mortal Kombat, where fans don’t want to stop watching the high impact scenes. Next up on the list of fast-paced action scenes is …. Tetris?

The film based on the popular line completing the game will begin shooting in China next year, with a confirmed budget of around $80 million the film is obviously expected to do well. We say that not because of the budget but because of the reports that it will not be a standalone film but the first in a trilogy.

The debut project from Threshold Global Studios, the film is set to film next year and is being marketed as a sci-fi thriller, with American producer Larry Kasanoff saying that the film is “not at all what you think; it will be a cool surprise”.

With films like the Angry Birds movie and Warcraft releasing this year, is it the year where movies based on video games start to take us away from our small screens and get us sitting in the cinema watching the action rather than playing it?


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