The 42 Team Looks to Create Free Coding Schools

The 42 Team Looks to Create Free Coding Schools

We are often told that we have to learn to program, in a world where everything is running on 1’s and 2’s knowing how software works by making even the simplest of programs can often open your eyes to everything from the cyber security issues you read about every week to the privacy concerns being raised by governments and companies alike. The team behind the 42 school of programming is looking to open a new location, right in the heart of silicon valley.

The 42 team opened a school in Paris three years ago, giving people access to a free school for coding that let people learn without a single teacher or lesson plan. If you weren’t too keen on going to Paris to learn to program, you may want to check out the new silicon valley site that the company is looking to open.

With applications already starting for the new school, 42 are saying that the new school is designed to help combat a skill shortage that America is currently facing. With big companies like Twitter and Facebook backing the companies aims and goals to create a new generation of coders and people who can look at a problem, break it down and solve each issue in turn.


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