The Light Rider – A Metal 3D Printed Electric Bike

The Light Rider – A Metal 3D Printed Electric Bike

These days you can 3D print everything, from a new set of dice for your tabletop adventures to spare body parts. With so much we use being made of plastic, what happens when you want to 3D print something a little more durable? APWorks, a subsidiary of Airbus, have answered that question by 3D printing the frame for their electric bike, the Light Rider.

With the frame weighing just 13 pounds, the new bike gets 37 miles per a single charge while it weights almost 30% less than the electric bikes currently on the market. With the company being a subsidiary of Airbus, you expect there to be more and they don’t disappoint.

The frame for the bike not only weighs less than expected thanks to its hollow alien hive looking shape but was also entirely 3D printed out of aircraft-grade aluminium (printed from aluminium powder) instead of the 3D printed plastic bodies that people often have printed for their vehicles.

Sadly if you are interested in owning one of the limited Light riders, you’ll be looking at a rather expensive price tag of $56,095 for one of the 50 bikes they are looking to sell off. If you want to pre-order one of the bikes you can order one here from their site.

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