The New Cooler Master MasterCase Maker Offers Great Flexibility

The New Cooler Master MasterCase Maker Offers Great Flexibility

Cooler Master’s MasterCase series revolves around the concept of modularity and the ability to easily swap out almost every aspect to mould the design into something you’re extremely pleased with. It’s even possible to order various parts directly from Cooler Master and modify the chassis to your individual requirements. This makes it a superb choice for modders or users who like to change their PC’s appearance on a regular basis. Of course, the original offerings came in two units, the MasterCase 5 and MasterCase 5 Pro released last year. These products received widespread critical acclaim for the innovative modular concept and reliable build quality. Today, the company announced their new flagship chassis in the range which has a number of enhanced features.

The MasterCase Maker features an updated front panel with USB 3.1 Type-C connectivity, internal fan controller housing 5 fan channels and acoustic dampening material to allow for a silent user-experience. This greatly improves the already impressive attributes on the MasterCase series. In terms of pricing, the MasterCase Maker starts at US $220 for the base platform, with optional accessories available on Amazon and Newegg. This means it’s a considered investment but you’re getting a quality product with robust build quality. Not only that, the innovative design means you can change the chassis and give it a fresh look in years to come!


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