The Pilot Translates In Real Time Straight To Your Ear

The Pilot Translates In Real Time Straight To Your Ear

With everything from Star Trek to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the idea of breaking down the language barrier has already been the first step to bringing together the human race with everyone and anyone who would listen to us talk. One company is looking to at doing just that by bringing an instant translator to the real world through Pilot.

While Google offers you the ability to translate images and text in real time, Pilot looks to do the next step by translating spoken languages to your language of choice in real time. With the ability to instantly translate languages, business meetings and holidays would instantly change with you being able to understand and talk as if you were born and raised in the area.

The technology works through, like everything else, an app with a speaker and listener built into an earpiece helping pick and communicate the translation to you in real time. With only a video to show it off at the moment, people can start to place orders for the device as part of an Indiegogo campaign at $129 to $149, with the final price going up to $249 and $299.

With a release date set for spring next year and starting with just English, French, Spanish and Italian, it’s expected that new languages will be added to the software over time.

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