The Void Will Offer A Virtual Reality Ghost Busting Experience

The Void Will Offer A Virtual Reality Ghost Busting Experience

What happens when you take everyone’s favourite ghost hunting group and add them to a VR experience? The Void looks to answer just that question when it opens to give users a virtual reality experience that will have them feeling everything about their time from the heat and the pressure to the jumps and chills.

The Void is set to open as a virtual reality theme park in Utah, a destination that users won’t stay in thanks to the VR headsets and giant computer backpacks (isn’t that just a proton pack in disguise?). The experience goers will get to wear a haptic suit to track their movements while also giving them all the bolts and jolts they need to feel like they are part of the event.

Alongside the VR headsets, the entire environment will have sweating thanks to heat lamps and fog machines offering the ultimate spooky event courtesy of the sites partnership with Sony pictures for their new Ghostbusters film. The first event is set up to take place in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Times Square on the 1st of July, set to be the first to get the Void treatment outside of the Utah base the event looks to capture our hearts and fears.

As if it wasn’t cool enough to go play Ghostbusters in virtual reality, to play it in a location that could already scare you once they turn the lights down can only add to the experience.


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