Were Bangladesh Bank Hackers Behind Sony Attack?

Were Bangladesh Bank Hackers Behind Sony Attack?

When the Bangladesh hack was detected by a bad spelling, it saved the organisation from millions in damages, while costing them $81 million instead of the massive sum of nearly a billion dollars that they would have got away with. With investigations underway, research from the SWIFT payment network could point to the malware being used in not just hacks against the banking industry but also Sony.

The report reveals that the hack was also used in another bank heist, with the conclusion coming from not just the name of the malware’s executables but also internal components such as the code used to delete files to help cover up and hide the existence of the attack.

What’s all more surprising is that BAE, who are conducting an investigation into the attacks alongside other groups, have found that the deletion commands and other features of the code were deployed back in 2014 when Sony had a large number of their files published online. publically a group named Guardians of Peace claimed responsibility for the hack, saying that it was in retaliation for the film, The Interview in which a scene depicts the assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. The FBI, however, say that the hack on Sony came from North Korea itself.

While these reports all point to the same developer or group being responsible, alternatively someone could have just sold their code to another group or even had it stolen or extracted from their software. If the links were proven true, knowing that a large group are behind the hacks and haven’t stopped for more than 2 years could raise questions about who their next target is?


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