WhatsApp Now Has Dedicated Apps for Mac and Windows

WhatsApp Now Has Dedicated Apps for Mac and Windows

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular cross-platform instant messaging clients for smartphones, and even though its first web app was released about 15 months back, plenty of users have expressed an interest in desktop apps for this particular service. Well, it looks like their prayers have finally been answered, as WhatsApp now features its own apps for Windows and Mac, apps that would act as “an extension of your phone”, with all messages being synced between your devices. Those of you who have been using WhatsApp in your web browsers will likely find quite a few similarities between the two software pieces.

Of course, WhatsApp is incredibly successful in countries such as India, South Africa, and Brazil mainly because high smartphone usage, but with the implementation of desktop apps, the service could potentially compete with the likes of Skype, WeChat and iMessenger. It definitely makes sense for the company to try and branch out, especially since it has dropped it 99 cent subscription fee at the start of the year. B2C accounts are also being tested at WhatsApp right now in an attempt to create a new revenue source. Whether the company will be successful in this endeavor or not, it remains to be seen.


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