Windows 10 Will Feature Twice As Many Ads After Anniversary Update

Windows 10 Will Feature Twice As Many Ads After Anniversary Update

When it comes to Windows 10, the operating system itself can hold its own but business decisions are letting users come at the operating system with all guns blazing thanks to decision after decision that goes against users needs and seems to be driven by nothing more than money. Following on from the revelation that Windows 10 could secretly install itself at a pre-decided time, it would now appear that the number of ads you’ll see on the windows 10 start menu will double courtesy of their anniversary advert.

Due to roll out in July, the Anniversary update for Windows 10 will increase the number of adverts located on the start menu from 5 to 10 as revealed at the WinHEC conference last week. The ads will feature promoted apps such as those found in the Windows store, giving developers even more incentive to publish their software through the store. With no clear reason as to why the number if being doubled, it’s probably to increase interest in the store or to bolster support for the operating systems content sharing system given the recent issues that they’ve had to face and attempt to fix following on from big game releases like Gears Of War and the entire UWP games library that they hope will attack more gamers back to the platform.


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