Woorld is a Brand New AR Game From the Creators of Katamari Damacy

Woorld is a Brand New AR Game

Katamari Damacy is simultaneously one of the wackiest yet also the most charming games in recent history, combining simple-yet-fun gameplay with a uniquely crazy style. Now the minds behind this cult classic have been let loose once again, this time creating an open-world augmented reality game powered by Google’s Project Tango named Woorld.

As with almost any AR game, Woorld combines action in both the physical and virtual worlds simultaneously. Players of the game will be able to “explore, discover, and create using digital objects and creatures”, all of which will act in response to the real world objects around them. Players will even be able to join forces in order to build bigger, better and crazier creations all the while sharing them with any other users of Woorld who view the area.

Exactly how Woorld can be played is currently still under wraps until Google I/O later this week, but the gameplay looks as simple and intuitive as that seen in Katamari Damacy, which helped make it the hit that it was. Whether Woorld will be more than a simple real-world building AR game is yet to be seen, but sometimes the simplest games are the best and the gameplay footage released so far show the game has a lot of charm, which could just mean they have another winner on their hands.

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