Would You Use Your iPhone As A Car Key?

Would You Use Your iPhone As A Car Key?

It’s long been rumoured that Apple is working on an iCar, which is an electric vehicle scheduled for release in 2019. With a patent revealing that Apple is looking at using your iPhone car keys, could we start to hear more information officially about the new iCar?

The patent makes no specific mention of a particular model, instead, the technology could be used in any car or motorised vehicle that has a key currently on the road. The patent would allow your iPhone to use Bluetooth to act like a car key, unlocking the doors and even starting your engine with the press of a button. Ever wanted to lend your car to a friend? You can authorise their devices as well to run your car for a short period of time, meaning they won’t get a free pass to drive your new car forever.

While other companies such as Volvo and Ford have already deployed mobile apps to replace your metal car key, the idea that a company as large as Apple, who currently has no presence in the car industry, could start making cars and building keys into your everyday device shows just how much we enjoy technology in our everyday lives.

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