You Can Now Get Your Hands on The EK Radeon Pro Duo Water Block

You Can Now Get Your Hands on The EK Radeon Pro Duo Water Block

EK is one of the most respected names when it comes to water cooling and they’ve got years of experience creating water blocks for a huge range of graphics cards. Not so long ago, AMD announced their flagship dual-GPU, the Radeon Pro Duo which utilises three 8-pin connectors and costs a whopping $1499. According to AMD, this particular product is aimed at VR developers and not designed to be an enthusiast’s gaming card. By default, the Radeon Pro Duo sports a closed-loop water cooling solution and has a fairly attractive design. However, some users might want to leverage extra performance via a custom water loop or simply prefer a transparent style. Today, EK confirmed that the Radeon Pro Duo Water Block is in stock and now available to purchase. This Water Block transforms AMD’s extremely powerful card from a 2-slot to a 1-slot and certainly looks stunning!

The EK Radeon Pro Duo Water Block features the company’s unique central inlet split-flow cooling engine with a micro-fin design to allow for the best possible thermal dissipation on both cores. The block design has a reversed water flow without adversely impacting on cooling performance. Also, the design offers superb hydraulic cooling which allows the product to be deployed in systems using weaker water pumps. On another note, the base is constructed from electrolytic copper while the top is made from high-quality POM Acetal or acrylic depending on which model you decide to buy.

You Can Now Get Your Hands on The EK Radeon Pro Duo Water Block 1

The screw-in brass standoffs are installed prior to shipping to make the installation process safer. Each water block can be acquired from EK’s store and official resellers. It’s also possible to add a backplate which cools the memory ICs. In terms of pricing, the Acetal and Nickel blocks will retail at 159.95€ while the backplate costs 34.95€.

You Can Now Get Your Hands on The EK Radeon Pro Duo Water Block 2

Do you think the Radeon Pro Duo will ever drop to a respectable price?


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